Offer Negotiation

Get the offer that you deserve

In today’s market we are inundated with information, especially when it comes to compensation and benefits. Most websites are inaccurate or misleading, which is why it’s important to have guidance from somebody who understands your situation and can help you get the best offer.

What To Expect

As Corporate Recruiters, we have daily conversations with Job Seekers about Compensation. We take away the mystery behind the offer negotiation process and teach you how to negotiate both your Total Compensation as well as your next Job Title.

What we will provide:
  • Education and coaching on your total compensation package, including salary, bonus, equity and sign on bonus
  • Data insights on current market Salary and Compensation ranges for the job(s) you are interested in
  • Up to 2 hours of 1:1 advice on choosing the best offer for your situation
  • Additional insight around different types of equity, compensation variables as well as competitive benefit packages

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