Our Story

My Technologist was founded with the idea of helping others in mind. After spending a decade in the Recruiting industry, hiring for both Technical and Non-Technical roles, we came to the conclusion that the key to candidate success is communication and preparation. By teaching our candidates what to expect from the different stages of conversations and how to prepare, we have been able to help candidates get jobs at industry leading companies like Apple, Dropbox, Samsung, Visa and Patreon. Our service differs from others because we don’t just teach our candidates what to say, we teach them how to empathize with their interviewers. Many other career coaches tell you how to conduct yourself in the interview process, but few give you insight and transparency as to how the interviewer is thinking and what goes on behind the scenes of the interview process. We provide you with insights that will give you the advantage over other candidates for years to come. By the end of our class you will understand how get the absolute best job offer, as well as how to know what the ‘best offer’ means, for your specific situation.

Why Us

Why Choose My Technologists?

When you choose to train with My Technologists, you are choosing to get service from some of the Tech industries top recruiters. Our coaching has lead to literally thousands of jobs across the industry, both within the USA and abroad.

Through our proven methods you will learn to understand and overcome all the challenges you encounter during these top tier interviews, as well as understand how recruiters and hiring managers approach the interview.

Our courses will demystify the interview process and teach you how to find the information you need to get your best possible offer for the job. A few topics we will cover in our classes:

  • Company and job research
  • Professional Branding on Linkedin
  • Cover letter and Resume writing
  • Interview best practices
  • Total compensation, benefits and paid time off
  • Offer negotiation and Counter Offer strategies

1000’s of Candidates Hired at These Companies